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EDHEC Business School MSc in Risk & Finance (part-time)

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Testimonials - MSc in Risk & Finance

Peter Bazhenov (EDHEC 2013) - Russia
Peter holds a bachelor in International Economic Relations Energy Policy from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations and a MSc in Risk & Investment Management from EDHEC Business School (graduated best in class). Peter has worked at Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse and is currently working on a startup project. Read More about Peter...
Tingwei Lin (EDHEC 2013) - Singapore
'The programme allows working professionals to go through an intensive programme with minimal disruption to work. That and the quality of the faculty were key considerations in choosing the programme. The course is highly interactive, allowing everyone to share experiences and explore new ideas. The delivery of the curriculum focuses both on concepts and on their applicability to the modern financial environment. And learning about their applicability is essential when you want to put these ideas into practice at work.'
Stéphane Ndzie Ngono (EDHEC 2013) - France
'I chose the MSc in Risk & Investment Management as I was looking to learn more about investment management and wanted the conceptual and practical knowledge to optimise risk and investment management. The part-time format really adds value to my resume because I can demonstrate to my employer the skills and expertise learnt in class.'
Marie Assaker (EDHEC 2013) - France/Lebanon
'I chose the MSc for its contents, which are highly analytical and relevant to my current position in risk, as well as for the extra experience I can get before graduation, which is a great advantage in the competitive financial job market. The programme enabled me to gain extra experience abroad, while building leverage with a master’s degree recognised by financial professionals.'
Lamia Lahlou (EDHEC 2012) - Morocco
‘The programme is carefully designed to combine both financial theories and empirical studies. It teaches the latest tools to optimise risk and asset management and incorporates talks by experts that truly set it apart. The flexible part-time format, combining courses and practice, gave me an edge on the job market.’


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